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Various Press from"Chicago"~

"In the just for laughs production of Chicago there was an exquisite moment:  Bathed in a white light, slowly ascending into view in the middle of the band was an outlandishly shapely and beautiful woman crooning the shows sexy anthem, All That Jazz.  It was as close to ecstacy as musical nuts get without moving their hands. The woman was Terra C. MacLeod."
[Gaetan L. Charlebois, The Montreal Gazette .World French premiere]

"There are hardly any triple threats left, but macleod is just that and more. A tall gorgeous beauty with raven har, hypnotic blue eyes, this woman drips is sex appeal.  Then there's her dance body: Muscled and tones arms, stems that go from the stage floor to the rail space all incase in skin tight costumes.  She has the ideals dancers body that the stage lighting picks up every muscle contort or flex.  Her body and dance technique are built for Fosses choreography.  She does every pop, every finger snap, every hig kick with clean precise elegant dance.  I bet Fosse is smiling from Heaven at her. Macleod also has a terrific set of pipes that does magical wonder with her solos.  She adds sustaining notes and vocal inflections to the songs for delectable life and energy. She attacks every musical number with great gusto and commitment,  turning "I cant do it alone" and "When Velma takes the stand " into major showstoppers.  She is phenomenal in this production.[ Pegasus news John Garcia Dallas 'TX}

" Velma Kelly ,Terra C Macleod is exactly what you see.  As slick as her brilliantined hair, as focused as her burning black eyes, as worldy wise as her husky voice. Macleod gets Velma;s desparation down perfectly as she watches her star as Chicago most notorious man killer slowly fade.  And she nails every song  " I cant do it alone" and "When Velma takes the stand" while engaging in some of the most athletic choreography of the evening. [ James D watts JR, Tulsa World]

" Terra C Macleod's Velma Kelly is tough but brittle, all cheekbones,nervous energy and rough edges. Her powerful, slightly throaty voice caresses "All that jazz" and pleads " I cant do it alone". Macleod dances masterfully on the fine line between cynical swagger and desperation."  [ Pittsburgh post gazette]

" Anyone I ever talk to about any production of CHICAGO sais that Velma Steals the show. This production is no different.  Terra C Macleod is a triple threat with perfect limbs, strong voice, and precise choreography.  When she begins the show with " All that Jazz" you know the show is going to keep getting better and better.   She succeeds in impressing with" I cant do it alone" and " When Velma takes the stand" [  Shawn Parikh Pegusus news Dallas TX ]

"The real story here should be Terra C Macleod, the show stealing Velma kelly.  You dont need to search her website to see she's been dancing her whole life nor does it take long to realized she's danced her share of Fosse inspired numbers.  Macleod is a dancers dancer, with a board -straight back, squared off shoulders and legs that go on for weeks. And she knows how to make all the body parts work to her advantage" [News telegram, Terry mathews, Dalla,TX]

"Terra C Macleod dances rings around everyone as Velma kelly. Macloed shows her stuff early on dominating All that jazz, still one of the best openings in Musical theatre , and no number matches the pizazz of Macleod's " When velma takes the stand"  [Star-telegram, Perry stewart.  Dallas,TX]

" Your excellence starts at the top, with the work of the two leading ladies.  Macleod's lithesome dancer's body has the pliant suppleness of a pipe cleaner being bent and twisted into shapes that range from sensuous to the vulgar.  That is so appropriate for " Chicago".  Macleod wins her own title for intensity and focus.  I wouldnt want to get into a staring contest with her.  She is also a major league Broadway singer. The two women work together as seamlessly as a hand fitting into a glove.  Interestingly , they bear the resemblance to the original Roxie and Velma, Verdon and Rivera" [ Milwaukee journal sentinenal, Damien Jaques }

" Call the fire department- Terra C Macleod is back in town. Not since she lit up the stage as anita in a 2002 Arts club production of west side story have we had the chance to applaud this scorching talent.  You have until Tuesday to take in the touring production of Chicago at the Centre and marvel at the energy Macleod gives off as the merry murderess Velma kelly.  She's perfectly paired with Dejean, whose perfromance is just as big and brassy.  Together Velma and roxie romp through gangster-era Chicago in a show so snappy and sexy that its well worth the Broadway-sized ticket prices. Malceod and Dejean are masterful in their grasp of the many little gestures built into the show by the late Bob Fosse and Choreographer Anne Reinking.[ Vancouver sun- Peter Birnie]

"Admittedly, the athleticism is buffed up with a creditable amount of acting and singing talent. From her dramatic entrance in a blaze of garish light (the artfully harsh lighting is by Ken Billington), Terra C. MacLeod makes a brassy Velma, belting out such numbers as "All That Jazz" in a voice dripping with jaded sophistication. With her skimpy black dress showing off her superbly toned arms, this Velma could be an advertisement for the fat-burning properties of crime, and she can execute a mean high kick, too." [Washington Post, Wolftrap DC ]

"You know you're in for a special evening's when Terra C. MacLeod as Velma Kelly opens with 'All That Jazz.' She is sexy, graceful, tough, has a beautiful voice and a beautiful body, which she knows how to use. She is Velma." [The Post and Courier, Charleston, NC]

"Terra C Macleod {Kelly) and Michelle Dejean ( Hart) give high caliber performances. They are among the best I have encountered. Their Characters exude a sense of crackle that drives the show. Macleod is sinfully wicked and born to be bad.  Both women have strong voices and are striking partners to boot. Macleod sets a sultry tone combined with her ability to present her dance moves in a sizzling fashion. In the show's  opening number" All that Jazz", she dares to invite us, with wicked abandon, to enter a world that is seedy and deliciously uncompromising. [St .Cloud Times, St Paul. MN

In the  athletic cast  Terra C. Macleod as Velma is a dancing dynamo who tears through her scenes with palpable physical dynamic precision." [The Ottawa Sun]

"Outstanding performances are given by DeJean, as Roxie, and Terra MacLeod who plays fellow convict, Velma Kelly. She [DeJean] is well contrasted with MacLeod whose role as Velma brings a harder,more calculated and controlled character into the mix. Both have exceptional voices that are ideally suited to their roles." [The Gulf News, Dubai, UAE]

"The delivery of the actors was flawless and the charisma of the three leads, Terra C MacLeod , Michelle DeJean and Gregory Evigan... Magnetic" [Emirates Today, Dubai, UAE]

"The jail's superstar is Velma Kelly (Terra C. MacLeod), a vaudeville veteran who busted up her sister act and her marriage when she caught sis and hubby ''practicing'' some moves in bed. MacLeod is a sensational, angular dancer who is sometimes reminiscent of Bebe Neuwirth, the first of many stars to play Velma in this revival on Broadway." [The Miami Herald]

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