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A personal note from me.

                              My Chicago world

I couldn't resist dedicating a page to the people, and show that has played a key role in my artistic career over the last 12 years.  CHICAGO.

Oh It's been a wonderful, and life changing ride.  I started this show in the original french company in Montreal, and at the time had no idea where it would take me. Since then I've had the opportunity of bringing the show to Dubai, Taiwan, Abhu Dhabi, Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris , Canada and numerous cities across the United states , and  to top it off I got my Broadway and West End Debut .

The dancers, artists, performers, crew , band and various casts around the world have all inspired me. Along the way they became my mentors, my friends, my teachers and some I would say my family. 

This  journey has been a highlight not only in my career, but in my life.​​

It's a rare gift indeed.

                               one I am most grateful for.


​                                       Terra C MacLeod

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