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"Terra C Macleod wisely plays Mrs Johnstone desire for survival rather than pitying her lot in life which makes her compelling to watch" "David C jones Out TV

"It is Macleod as the mother who gives up her flesh and blood who provides the biggest emotional punch of the night. From her opening number " Marilyn Monroe" which quickly provides some back story as to where she is now to her final cry lament in " Tell me Its not true". Macleod conveys a believable combination of the wearinessof her hard life and a mothers steadfast love and determination" Marks robins,

" Terra C Macleod plays poor Mrs Johnstone and displays her outstanding range of talent both as an actor and singer"  " Susan Peake review Vancouver"

"Highlights of this production are definitely Macleod and her powerrdul voice and John Mann as the narrator"  Jo Ledingham Vancouver courier"

"In a tour de Force Performance Terra C Macleod simply bowls over onlookers as the determined mom trying to do her best for her lot. All the actors are tremendous singers with lead performer Macleod simply sensational" False Creek News

Blood Brothers~

​Kiss of the Spider Woman~

"Triple threat Macleod has the requisite charisma and Polish to shine is a role that was so memorable created by Chita rivera" Lee spindle backstagewest.

"Terra C Macleod has starrred on Broadway and were kiss of the Spider woman were still running there she could easily be playing Aurora there. The scene stealing star of last years Pajama Game gives a steallar Performance here. Bewigged and bedecked all in black Macloed sings and dances in true movie star mode with sizzling ,sultry moves, and mile high kicks"  Steven Stanley La Stage scene

"Aurora played by the  fabulous Terra C macleod is perfect for the role. She sings beautifully and dances with grace and skill. She is also as sexy as hell"  LA Critic magazine

"Terra C Macleod  dances with sensual agility and looks like a million bucks in a series of stunning outfits by Anne Kenedy"  In Magazine La"

The Producers ~

"Josh Epstein and Terra C Macleod are the runaway stars of the show with veteran thespian Jay Brazeau helping them create a triumphant troika of zany characters. Macleod comes across with complete self-assurance. Her fullthroated portrayal of a dumb blonde with surprising smarts is never less than note perfect. " Vancouver sun" Peter Birnie

"Gorgeous, leggy,blond over-sexed and heavily accented Ulla ( Terra C macleod) comes to work for the Producers in the fulfillment of a 1950's adolescent american boy's Fantasy. She is fantastic as Ulla performing " When you got it, Flaunt it"  The Province " Jerry Wasserman"

"In her Introductory Number " When you've got it Flaunt it" Macleod took me to another dimension which I believe is called The Great White Way. To watch Macleod sing, dance and clown is to watch precision blossom into exhilirating freedom"  " The Georgia Straight" Collin Thomas

" Macleod sizzles with the show stopping " When you"ve got it flaunt it". Macleod's got it, and she flaunts it. She's wickedly sexy and her Ulla ( oh la la) soon has both Leo ( Epstein)  and Max ( Brazeau)  in paroxysms of desire. Young Josh Epstein and Macloed are rising stars" The Vancouver courier "Jo Ledingham

"Terra C Macleod is a revelation as Ulla, the swedish Bombshell who woos Bloom" The Westender, Andrea Warner

The  Pajama Game~

"Completing the star-billed foursome is leggy triple threat Terra C Macloed as Glady's the secretary who guards the company's books with her
life ( and a key hung safely around her neck).  Macleod often shares the stage with Degruccio and much comic gold is mined from the discrepency in their heights.  Macleod also gets to perform ( sensationaly) the legendary Fosse-originated " steam heat" which catapulted uderstudy Shiely Maclaine to stardom. In the act 2 "Hernando's Hideaway" Macleod vies for the " funniest drunk scene ever" title, demonstrating physical comedy genius involving two chairs, a table and an inebriated Gladys" LA StageScene

"In the role that made 42 nd street mythology come true catapulting Shirley Maclaine into stardom when she filled in for an ailing Carol Haney,Terra C Macleod is effervescent as the distaff Gladys.  Macleod is a first rate comedian and she bedazzles us when leadiing marvelous group numbers such as " Hernando's hideaway" and  the sizzling Bob Fosse classic " Steam heat".  Backstage west LA

"Anyone familiar with MTW is aware of the  Broadway quality professionalism inherent in their productions and that the talent is often straight from Broadway.  For intance Darcie Roberts who plays the lead babe williams has just completed her show " Curtains" and Terra C Macleod who plays Gladys has completed her run as Velma kelly in the Broadway and national tour as Velma kelly in Chicago. Theres Comedy: Time management and expert Knife thrower Hines( the king of comedic timing Nick Degruccio) alternately pusues and is insanely jealous of the boss's ditzy secretary Glady's( Shameless scene stealer/comedienne/singer/dancer Terra C macleod" Long beach beachcomber

"A Sunny Degruccio mostly hams up Hines the time -study man obsessed with bombshell Glady's( Terra C Macleod). Choreographer John Vaughan working with an acrobatic, gung-ho dance team, creates a sexy group Ballet for hernando's hideaway and pays sleek tribute to Bob Fosse ( the shows orginal Choreographer) with  a" Steam heat" performed with bowlers and Tuxedos" LA Times

West Side Story~

(Winner 2003 Jessie Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for Anita

"The real discovery of this show, though, the one you just can't keep your eyes off, is Terra C. MacLeod's Anita. She sings with super human precision and dances like a fury unleashes. She finds all of Anita's sly sexiness and fully opens the character's generous heart. The show's turn toward it's ultimate tragedy has never been more credible than MacLeod makes it here, trembling with terror, rage and the desire for revenge." Colin Thomas, The Gorgia Straight, Vancouver, November 2003

"Kudos to everyone in the cast, but especially Terra C. MacLeod as an especially sharp Anita." Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

"I challenge anyone to take their eyes off Terra C. MacLeod who, as Anita, is so firey I thought the theatre would burst into flames. She dances with feline grace: Hard, lean calves, broad shoulders and dark, flashing eyes that can scorch you with a glance." [Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier]

"Director Millerd has scouted some of the brightest young talent assembled in recent memory. Terra C. MacLeod is a standout!" Leanne Campbell, The Westender, Vancouver

"Terra C. MacLeod wins outstanding performance by an actress in a supporting role for her portrayal of Anita in The Arts Club Production of West Side Story." The Globe and mail

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